Gastronomy and restaurants in Mexico

In Hoteles Xcaret, we know that eating is travelling, and that memories also immortalize the palate. We gathered a group of talented chefs to offer premium culinary experiences that make our hotel restaurants, real gastronomic destinations.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico

The homage to our country cannot be completed without talking about its gastronomy. Its millennial ingredients fed Mexico’s cultural identity and gave the world products that nowadays are an important part of other countries’ history. The culinary journey of Hotel Xcaret México embellishes the Mexican gastronomy, declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and hugs other flavors of the world to give you a memorable sensory experience.


Gastronomy is an acknowledged art in Hotel Xcaret Arte, an art that neuters your body and soul. We applaud the creativity of an authentic recipe and taste the harmony of a dish made with great skill and passion. Sublime flavor artists have written a culinary symphony to flatter you with a round and complex inspiration in each and every dish, where originality will dominate each bite.


A cuisine with an artistical outburst, without prejudice or fear to seduce the world through its colors, flavors and love for Mexico in luxury restaurants which are a setting of its own. Maximum expression of excellence and talent, taken to your table for a never before seen experience, where the surprise factor and exclusiveness will boost greatly the delight of the great cuisine under the care of chef Martha Ortiz, chef Virgilio Martínez, the Rivera-Rio brothers, sommelier Sandra Fernández and master chocolatier Mao Maontiel.


A group of professionals, passionate for innovation, form the Gastronomic Group of Hoteles Xcaret. Thirteen chefs and one sommelier are the guests for being part of the committee in charge of curating the gastronomic experiences inside Hoteles Xcaret. Two chefs with Michelin Star stand-out: Carlos Gaytán and Paco Méndez, who are in charge of the restaurants HA’ and Encanta, which open their doors to our public to become exclusive Playa del Carmen restaurants.


  • Mercado de la Merced
  • Trajinera
  • Bio
  • Fuego
  • Las Cuevas
  • Cantina Los Faroles
  • Chibalí
  • Las Playas
  • Teatro del Río
  • Xin-Gao
  • Ha’
  • Xpiral
Mercado de la Merced
A sensory trip of ten stations, curated by our Executive Chef.
  • Xaak
  • Chino Poblano
  • Cantina VI.AI.PY.
  • Mercado de San Juan
  • Kibi-Kibi
  • Tah-Xido
  • Encanta
  • Cayuco
  • Arenal
  • Apapachoa
Tasting menu designed by 5 chefs from our Culinary Collective: Roberto Solís, Paco Méndez, Jonatan Gómez Luna and Alejandro Ruiz.
  • Tuch de Luna
  • Estero
  • Centli
  • Lumbre
Tuch de Luna
Flavors of Mexico, a captivating proposal by Chef Martha Ortiz.