Inspired in one of the Mayan calendar signs associated with water, Muluk Spa is an unusual quiet oasis, where nature forms the surroundings and the calmness that can be felt in every moment.
A visit that you must do to have the benefits and beauties of water, the connection with our planet and the pleasure of living.

Spa & Wellness at Hoteles Xcaret


We are committed with being a vitality fountain for our guests, so we have designed different experiences and journeys that contribute to toxins elimination, activation of the lymphatic system, the resulting reinforcement of the immune defenses, a new skin elasticity and the central nervous system relaxation.
Thanks to the command of millenary techniques, to the implementation of flawless standards and the election or organic and biologic products, Muluk Spa offers a holistic and moving journey that you deserve to experience.


Through an experience that is adaptable to your wishes of resting, mood and repairing needs, Muluk Spa offers services inspired in the hotel that hosts it.
In Hotel Xcaret México you will stablish a bond with the Mayan region and the most sacred elements of Earth. In Hotel Xcaret Arte, you will set the guideline of your well-being and you will become a wise alchemist. In La Casa de la Playa, you will be immersed in the delight of privacy, disconnection and total peace.

Muluk Spa at Hoteles Xcaret
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Surrounded by our emerald water river and the ecosystem’s flora, the architecture of Muluk Spa, integrates nature in an organic way. Indoor and outdoor spaces mix to create a balance between sky and Earth, between private and public, between light and darkness.
The captivating silhouettes of Muluk Spa’s facilities will give you a calmness feeling, that begins from the moment you arrive to the reception desk. The view of the hydrotherapy circuit frames the exterior offering you a panorama that you will want to keep in your memories forever. To continue, the natural rock caves recall the return to our Mother Earth, where body and facial massages are waiting for you to pamper yourself the way you deserve to.