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Spa Hotel Xcaret México
Spa Hotel Xcaret México
Spa Hotel Xcaret México


Hotel Xcaret México

In harmony with the environment and inspired in ancestral traditions, Muluk Spa
is a mystical and natural sanctuary that offers a holistic experience
which leads you on the path of complete renovation through relaxation, stimulation of the senses and health.

Boasting unique facilities which blend in with nature and enhanced with state-of-the-art technologies,
our priority is to achieve wellbeing through high level services and treatments.


Relax in one of our 21 cabins nestled in natural rock or in our temazcal set deep in the mysticism
of the jungle, the two settings where you can purify your body and feel reborn in Mother Earth’s womb.

The hydrotherapy ritual takes place within a space of peace and serenity where you will undergo
an invigorating experience through thermic contrasts in different settings such as:
a Jacuzzi, a recreational pool, a sauna, a steam room, a cold water tub and a hot water tub.

In most cultures water symbolizes purification and fertility.
In Mayan mythology, one of the signs of the calendar associated with water is Muluk,
the cosmic seed, linked to moon cycles and represented by a drop of water. Muluk Spa & Wellness
fuses with the origin of the word Spa – “salus per aquam” which means health through water,
in our different wellness philosophies which we have called Journeys.

1 reception
8 single cabins
13 double cabins
1 double cabin on the riverbank
1 cabin with a water hole
2 flotariums
2 mud baths
1 temazcal
1 beauty salon
1 bridal suite
1 hydrotherapy circuit
2 changing rooms (ladies - gentlemen)
1 Wellness bar

Muluk Journey

Muluk Spa & Wellness fuses with the origin of the word Spa – “salus per aquam”
which means health through water, in our different wellness philosophies which we have called Journeys.



Inspired by ancient traditions and using regional products such as honey, cocoa, cinnamon and clay; this journey offers a wide range of treatments that have been adapted to modern warriors who wish to travel through time.


A personal and sensory journey through 2 baths and 2 flotariums which offer healing and cosmetic properties known since ancient times.


Inspired in the age-old traditions of India, approaching health from a holistic, comprehensive and personalized point of view, this journey offers treatments such as Abhyanga (ayurvedic massage) a technique that aims to balance the brain hemispheres while stimulating “marma” (vital energy) points through synchronized movements.


State-of-the-art technology aimed at improving skin care through non- invasive processes. This journey offers facials and body treatments mainly used to nourish and renew the skin as well as to improve skin health.


More services

To make your well-being truly complete we also offer beauty salon services and a cubicle designed especially for brides.

Harmonize your senses through comprehensive healing with treatments dedicated to the well-being of your body and mind in settings designed amid the natural surroundings of the Riviera Maya.


Bar Spa

A space that offers treatments, relaxation alternatives and therapies complemented by relaxing drinks such as teas, tisanes and infusions of flavors of fresh seasonal fruits, spices and roots, totally fresh drinks that will bring you back to life.
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Adults only

Online Chat

During your stay, the transportation service is included. We take you from the airport to the hotel, as well as all our Parks and Tours.
Exclusive service for clients with a confirmed arrival at Cancun airport, the day of check-in at the hotel. By airport regulations, this service is not available for customers who do not arrive with a confirmed flight

"Rated as one of the best hotels in achieving guest satisfaction."

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