In harmony with the environment and inspired in ancestral traditions, Muluk Spa is a natural sanctuary, enveloped by the river and the jungle. Indulge yourself with a temazcal experience, a relaxation lounge, a hydrotherapy circuit, deluxe amenities, dermoaesthethics, salt water isolation cabins, and treatments in natural underground caverns, unique in Riviera Maya.

For most cultures, water symbolizes purification and fertility. For Mayans, one of the signs of water in the calendar bears the name of Muluk, the cosmic seed, related to the renewal of the lunar cycles and represented by a raindrop or a jade bead. Muluk Spa honors the Mayan culture heritage that merges with the origin of the spa (salus per aquam, health through water), showcasing different cultures and philosophies of wellness.

Holistic journey

The wellness experience in Muluk Spa has been designed as a holistic journey, going from outer to your inner self. Flow through an integral program of nutrition, relaxation and exercise.



Furnished with all the necessary amenities, our 18 cabins are carved out of natural rock, offering a unique experience in Riviera Maya. Spoil yourself in harmony with Mother Earth. Let its energy enhance the benefits of the treatment in your body, mind and spirit.

Duration may vary upon to chosen treatment.


Take a break from the exterior world with the technology of our cabins. Float in a salt water based solution and submerge in a deep state of relaxation. Regenerate your body, free your mind and connect with your inner self.

A 50-minute approximate duration.


Ancient Mexicans considered it as a purification ritual for special occasions, such as a battle or when giving birth. To participate in a temazcal, “steam house” in Nahuatl language, symbolizes the returning to the belly of Mother Earth, to be cleaned with humidity and intense heat, to reborn strengthened.

A 50-minute approximate duration.

*All treatments include an extra charge. The hydrotherapy circuit is included for Casa Agua guests.



Hotel Xcaret Mexico takes nature into your fitness experience, a special place to connect with yourself among the jungle, the rivers and the ocean. Outstanding scenarios that will make you achieve the strength and balance you are looking for.